DaFiN Bodysurfing Fins Review

mark cunningham holding surf fins walking out of ocean

DaFiN bodysurfing fins are commonly referred to as the worlds best surf, surf rescue and swim fins. Worn by some of the worlds best bodysurfers, surf photographers and lifeguards. Designed by Andy Cochran, one of Australia’s bodyboarding pioneers and water tested by legendary watermen, Mark Cunningham and Brian Keaulana. Together, they developed the ultimate swim fin which is now the official fin of the United States Lifesaving Association and Hawaiian Lifeguard Association. The Bodysurfing Shop conducted an extensive review, testing out the DaFiNs in all conditions and needless to say we were very impressed.

Out of the box, the fins are lightweight in comparison to many others. Made of high grade 100% natural Malaysian rubber, the blade is rigid for power and incorporate have stiff side rails which run down half the fins edge to for flexion of the blade at the critical point, maximising acceleration on the down stroke. The foot pocket is soft and extremely comfortable, eliminating the need to wear foot socks or booties . 


Ray Collins - DaFiN Photographer

In the water, the DaFiNs offer incredible amounts of power and speed whilst not compromising for comfort.  Small or large waves,  they have enough kick to get you onto the wave. They also have enough power to get you to the surface after a long hold down, or to hold someone above the water in a rescue.  In shallow water, the short blade and rubber durability allows you to stand, whether sand or sharp reef. In deep water, the rail-less bottom allows for ease in treading water, perfect for extending the life of your sessions. They offer flexibility which is required in heavy surf situations. DaFiNs provide the ability change direction fast. Whether it is kicking into a wave, jumping off a rescue craft quickly, or exiting a dangerous rocky situation. This flexibility makes them perfect for all water sports, especially bodysurfing, surf rescue, bodyboarding, surf swimming, swimming, spearfishing and snorkelling.


  • Very comfortable - 100% natural Malaysian rubber produced no blisters or uncomfortable rubbing.
  • Great fit around the average foot shape. 
  • Flexibility - can be used for bodysurfing, surf rescue, bodyboarding, surf swimming, swimming, spearfishing and snorkelling.
  • Ultra Durable - will last many, many years if looked after (ie. keep out of extreme heat).
  • Flexibility and durability make them great for rock hopping in those tricky situations.  
  • Universal to your left or right foot (some may think this is a con, up to preference we guess).


  • For those with wide feet or those that use wetsuit socks or booties, the DaFiNs might be slightly narrow. Would recommend going with a size up and using fin savers. 
  • Fins do not come with fin savers. But can be purchased separately. 


Ben Thouard - DaFiN Photographer

 Overall, the DaFiNs are an extremely high performance and flexible bodysurfing/swim fin. Whether its bodysurfing, surf rescue, bodyboarding, surf swimming, spearfishing or snorkelling, they will ensure high performance and comfort for hours in the ocean. 

TBS RATING - 9.5/10

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