WAW Handplanes Timber Fish Review

WAW Handplanes Timber Fish with leash

Designed and shaped by Rikki Gilbey of WAW Handplanes, the WAW Timber Fish is one of our best sellers. They are high-performance, environmentally sustainable and they plant a tree for every one sold. We put it though its paces in the water and let you know what we really think.

Photographer - Keeland Tracy

Nick Brbot captured by Photographer - Keeland Tracy

The WAW Handplanes Fish Range are environmentally sustainably produced bodysurfing handplanes which are specifically designed for medium-large waves, barrelling waves and generally steeper waves. The Bodysurfing Shop decided to put this claim to the test. 

The WAW Handplanes Timber Fish comes in a sustainable canvas bag with tightening string, to protect your handplane when not in use. It also comes with a wrist leash which can prove very handy in the barrelling waves that this handplane is most suited to. One thing I noticed different with the WAW Handplanes Fish Range in comparison to many other wooden handplanes is it's weight. Being shaped from White Cedar as opposed to the common paulownia alternative, it is a touch heavier. On the scales they come in at around 450 grams, which is still relatively light, making it easy to swim with. One thing we found is that the additional weight actually assisted in making those steep drops down and across the wave. The dimensions are 300mm x 190mm x 20mm, so its relatively short in comparison to many handplanes. This size was well suited to the bigger waves as it is easier to control on the face of the wave . 

One of the great features of the handplane is its deep concave shaped into the bottom. It creates maximum lift, stability and creates a suck-like surface tension. Essentially sticking to the water, rather than sliding around like a flat bottomed handplane would. The sharp rails on the edges of the handplane were noticeably important in the handplanes ability to dig in to the wave, creating the ability to hold your line perfectly all the way across. I'd have to say one of my personal favourite aspects of the handplane is the rockered nose, its design diverts the splash of bodysurfing away from your face. Giving yourself the best view possible without a mouthful of water. The handplane also has a fully adjustable bio rubber Yulex hand strap system. Not only is it one of the comfiest and most secure handplane straps I have used, but it's adjustability means you can share your handplane with anyone in the family. That's if your nice enough to share the fun around. 

The potential downsides I can see to these handplanes are that if the waves are very small, a bigger handplane would be able to give you more lift and help you stay on those smaller waves. That being said, they still are great fun on the smaller waves too. Another caveat is the handplanes being wooden in nature  can be relatively delicate and so taking care of them is key as to avoid dings and scratches. Just like you would a brand new surfboard. Protect your investment. So if you love getting barrelled, then the WAW Handplanes Fish Range is for you and The Bodysurfing Shop can confirm that the WAW Handplanes Fish Range will aid you in getting the barrel of a lifetime. 

Photographer - Rikki Gilbey of WAW Handplanes

Surfer, Nick Brbrot

Photographer - Keeland Tracy

Surfer Nick Brbot, Photographer - Keeland Tracy

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